Originally Posted: 2005-10-14 11:20

Poem: Ode to the Marina Girl

Designer sweats and Jamba Juice
Big black glasses, little white caboose
You can drink like a fish and snort fat lines
Perry's on Sunday has half priced wine!

You were always at Safeway strolling the aisles
Marina girls grew on me after a while
Tight black pants, and perky little tits
No more Haight chicks with hairy pits

With an LV bag and a little yappy mutt
For some drinks at the wine bar, you let me put it in your butt
We partied and screwed, we had a great time
I hope you enjoyed ingesting my slime

We had a good run, I'd recommend you to all
However, I'm moving on to a new girl this fall
You've made the most of your time on top
Alas, all good things must eventually stop

At twenty-three you owned this town
But at thirty-one I'm leaving you aground
But, if you run, you jog, you avoid the buffet
I'll see you in a few years at Balboa Cafe

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