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Originally Posted: 2005-06-09 12:11

Is your dog suffering from alopecia? My dog wants to help!

This is Kai, my German Shepherd. He sheds.

A lot.

Especially this time of year.

This "item" is a big pile of his hair. All "harvested" last night. Seriously, this all came out of his undercoat LAST NIGHT. I was just going to throw it away, but Kai seemed to be trying to tell me something as I headed for the garbage. "Don't be wasteful... we can help other less fortunate dogs" his eyes seemed to say. Did I mention it is allergy season...? I might have been on a bit of antihistamine, but I think that just heightened my connectivity to Kai, not made me hallucinate. So, I looked down at the huge pile, and back at Kai and said, "Well, if you think it might help...."

I'm not sure what you might do with it. Maybe knit a little Chihuahua sweater? Kai seemed to think a toupee was the way to go, as he's modeling here.

All offers considered. Maybe he'd even be moved to donate it to a needy pup. It's really up to him. The hair is clean, flake free and the product of a high quality diet... no dog chow here!

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