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Thank you for some publc sex (2nd Ave & Jackson)

Let me paint the scene for you, CL Readers. Last night, Weds, I took my Grandmother out to dinner in the Pioneer Square area. After dinner, I was to meet with a fellow CLer who was purchasing my DMB tickets at Zeitgeist Coffee on 2nd Ave and Jackson St. - not thinking that the shop would be closed at 8:15 last night.

So I'm pulling onto Jackson, looking for a parking spot to hang out in, and I see an older couple - mid-50's I'd say - appearing to be getting into a Subaru wagon parked directly in front of the shop. I slowly drove by across the street, gauging to see if/when they would pull away so I could pull a quick u-turn and score the spot. They didn't go anywhere, and I lost track of if they got in the car. So I park a block away, my Grandma and I get out and hoof it over to the shop. As we pass the Subaru, I notice that there is a lot of gear, luggage, etc piled in the back and in the front seat. I didn't see the couple. As we came even with the back seat windows, I peeked over.

To find the woman, straddling the guy, grinding on his crotch in the back seat on the driver's side. And grinding in a very sexy way. Needless to say, I was a bit surprised. It was just after 8:00 pm, plenty of daylight still outside, on a public street that is somewhat trafficked, not to mention pedestrians - plenty of opportunity to be witnessed.

So to keep Grandma innocent (I know she isn't, but I can pretend) I move her past the car to the corner. Except I'm sure she saw something as she kept staring over at the car. Now across the street a spot opened up, so I left Grandma on the corner, and hopped on over to my car. I also HAD to see if what I saw is...well, what I saw. This time, I walked out into the street to pass the car. As I passed, I nonchalantly peeked over.

To see them swapping around to land in a 69 in the backseat of this Subaru wagon. Still with plenty of light outside. Instead of standing there in the street dumbfounded and getting creamed by a bus (no pun intended), I quickly got to my car, flipped around, parked at the corner across the street, put Grandma in the car so she didn't get cold, and stood outside the car. I now had a perfect view into the driver's side back seat window. And it was getting hot and heavy in the car. I could just make out her blonde curly head, bobbing like those red/white bobbers on your fishing line. And bobbing in a manner that suggested she was very good at what she was doing. VERY good. Every so often, I would see her naked behind rise up just a bit over the window threshold - from what I will leave to your imagination. Then a bus stopped at the stoplight, and when it left I glanced back over to this car.

To see her half naked, moving around to ride the guy, naturally getting down low to duck beneath the window. Soon, the car was firmly rocking. And I just don't mean gently, it was definitely moving and almost making the car move itself despite it being parked. I definitely have to give this guy some props; he must have really been given it all he had. But the most amazing thing is that it was all in the back of a Subaru wagon. And these people weren't short!

They must have gone at it for a good half hour. And the best part is, NO ONE ELSE NOTICED! There were a number of cars, who got stopped by the light, who NEVER glanced over to catch a peek. Hell, there was even an Escalade full of 20-somethings, that surely would have made a huge scene out of it, who DIDN'T LOOK OVER. Even 3 cop cars, one which was a Police SUV, stop right next to the car - and none of them glanced to their right. There were countless pedestrians who passed on by and who, given the position the couple was in, would have had a glorious view of the act. Not one of them even glanced at the car. Not one. I was alone in my voyeurship. Though I am pretty sure Grandma had a good inkling of what was going on - she kept staring over at the car. Ah well.

When my fellow CLer showed up, the couple just got out of the car, her almost naked and getting out to put her clothes on. As I walked over and met with my CL buddy and make our transaction, I could hear the couple exchange small talk - not the kind of small talk you make with a prostitute. Then she put on a bicycle helmet, straightened her clothes, and got on a very nice bike to, I presume, ride home to her husband somewhere. The guy, with a decent set of clothes on, got into his Subaru and drove off to, I presume, HIS wife somewhere. My thinking was that this was an interlude of the secret kind - and wow, am I glad I witnessed it.

To that couple, I say Thank You. That might have been one of the sexiest things I have EVER witnessed in my entire life. And to the guy, keep it hangin buddy, keep it hangin - you're the man. I'm in my late 20's and I can't even match the ferocity you displayed in your conquest. Hotels and beds cannot contain the level of fierceness in you. Only Subaru wagons can withstand your prowess. And to the woman, I send out my love - it's rare to find a woman as daring and aggressive as you. Again, only Subaru wagons are powerful enough to contain you.

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