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Craigslist is a great resource if you want to buy a car or a boat. It's also great for random and inexplicable things like a large ball of lint or 1,700 assorted door hinges, but it seems sadly lacking content in the pet department. Craigslist, in general, seems a lot like what I imagine a trading post would've been like in the 1880s; Lewis and Clark trading for pick axes and machetes while Aunt Bee sells slices of pie to prospectors who are there looking for blah blah blah. But the pets section of Craigslist is completely different. It's more like Lord of the Flies; the adults are all dead and the only people left are either crazy or sadistic children.

I looked on this page earlier because I was thinking about getting a dog. I like dogs. I grew up with dogs. I like the brown ones. I figured I'd look at some pictures of dogs and pick one out.


For the fourteen gazillion posts on this page, 99% of them can be categorized as either; bizarre pets like marmots or naked mole rats, crazy people arguing the pros and cons of specific breeds of dogs that didn't exist when I was a kid (Really, miniature Chihuahua? How much smaller do they need to get before you run the risk of accidentally inhaling one? And just who the fuck came up with "Labradoodle"? Josef Mengele?), people with 5th grade writing ability correcting the people with 3rd grade writing ability or people I don't know showing me pictures of their dog (Here's a tip: Just because you give it a cutesy-sounding title like "Show and Tail" doesn't make your ad any less annoying to total strangers. It's like pictures of someone else's vacation, you don't really give a shit).

The long and short of it is; there might be a nice dog here that would be a good fit for me, but I'll never know because I got tired of reading all this garbage. If I want a dog, I'll just go down to the pound and pick one out. Most of the posts on this page belong in "Rants and Raves" (including this one). Bye, crazy people.

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