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Okay. I understand that you want to sell your stuff.

It's understandable that you would want your ad to reach the most people possible, but enough is enough!
I'm looking for a set of HID lights.
Not a rental fender roller!
Not window tinting!
Not your set of ROTA Slipstreams. (I'm sure they're really cool though)
I don't own an EVO, so that carbon fiber wing will just have to wait.
Although it's cool, I wasn't looking for your Nintendo-painted valve cover either!
I'm also pretty convinced that my CRX won't take your Dodge full size aftermarket chrome fender trim, but if you want to try to make it work...............
Please, just go with the flow! Stop trying to buck the system.
Take the time to edit your keyword lists so they might actually attract the kind of buyers you need!
You can spam the hell out of the whole world with your B-Series turbo kit, but that won't mean that the guy looking for a fender will suddenly decide that your stuff will work on his Ford Thunderbird!
Your ads are why CL made the little "flag this post" button.
You're spam. Pure and simple.
Back off a little and think about your customer base.
It might save you some time re-posting, and it'll definitely save the rest of time wading through ads that have nothing to do with what we're trying to find.
I can think of too many ways I'd rather be spending my time.


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Good Lord.

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