Originally Posted: 2005-04-18 12:15pm

favorite this post You peed... In my Living Room!

You nasty man-bitch! You peed, in the middle of my living room. I still can't believe it. What did my roommate do to tick you off? And why on God's verdant earth did you take a whiz in the middle of my living room?
I heard the arguing late Saturday evening. Something about her being a total bitch and never letting you get a word in edge-wise. She muttered something about you being lazy, selfish and cheap. But come on, she's a bitch and you're a slob, you two are P E R F E C T for each other.
Did I interrupt your heated debate on how many orgasms she had or didn't have? Hell no! I stayed in my room.
Did I interject when you accused her of being a frigid immature fat-ass (which by the way, I thought was freakin' funny!) - Hell no!
Did I say a damn word when you said you've gotten more blowjobs from your canine companion (uh by they way I am calling the ASPCA on your perverted ass) than from her? Hell no! Again I stayed in my room and hoped that everything would blow over.
But to no avail, I walk outside of my bedroom just as Adultswim was rapping up on the Cartoon Network and there you were - your damn pants around your ankles, no underwear.. and your bare naked untanned white ass exposed to my eyes, your penis whipped out (and might I add - DAYUM!!!!! When God was passing out the penises, you got in line 4 times. WOW, I tip my hat off to your penis.) peeing in the middle of my living room.
PEEING IN THE MIDDLE OF MY LIVING ROOM! What sick perverted douche bag does this? You couldn't take a dump on her bed?
Needless to say I made the roomie clean up the mess. But wow, I am still in shock.

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