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That's right, One hell of a personality here in exchange for the right looks. You all know somebody like me. The funny, clever, witty, smart guy who really really deserves a nice girl, but is so hideously ugly that it just never happens. For example, If I were to be set up on a blind date, and someone were to ask about my looks, the conversation would go as follows:

eh hem.

Friend 1: "You should meet my friend steve"
Prospect Lady: "Oh yeah, is he good looking?"
Friend 1: "Well he's got a great personality!"

You see, I, Steve, with my awesome personality/horrible appearance am equivalent to the fat girl with the great personality, or great rack. My goal in life was to never be equal to the fat girl with the nice rack. Follow me on this.

Friend 1: "You should meet my friend Stacy"
Prospect for fat girl: "Oh yeah, is she hot?"
Friend 1: "She's got a great set of tits"
*****WARNING WARNING WARNING****Great rack does not count as hot!

The "great set of tits" line is just as bad as my "he's got a great personality" line. But honestly, I do have an amazing personality, my mother has been telling me for years. All I need are some good looks. Well not even good looks, per se, but I need looks better than what I'm working with now.

Now I know that there's some guy out there thinking to himself, "Damn I'm hot. But I just have such a horrible personality". If you're thinking this, then contact me. We can be like peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, milk and eggs, rants and raves. You get the point. The combination of my personality and your good looks and we'll be San Diego's most eligible bachelor pair. Or would we count collectively as 1 bachelor? Ah well, we'll figure out the details later. Actually, being the personality, I'll handle the details - you just sit there and look pretty.

this is in or around SD

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