Originally Posted: 2005-02-24 6:58am
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To the black man in Balboa Park who was pacing in front of my car with your dick hanging out...what were you doing up so early??

It was 6:00 a.m., I was the girl in the red ford probe who was drinking coffee and doing homework in her car...waiting for the law library to open. I don't usually park there, and I haven't been back since, but I was trying to get to school early and land a parking spot. I guess fate had something different in mind, since all the damn free spots near Cal Western were full. So I ended up in that upper lot in Balboa Park.

That's when you walked by, talking on your cell phone. You were wearing a red muscle shirt and really short biker shorts that looked almost like black speedos. I thought it odd the way you paced back and forth in front of my car, but I didn't worry...it seemed too early for any drug dealers, crack whores or weirdos to be up yet. It wasn't until I happened to look up as you were pacing away from me that I noticed your package. It was right at eye level as I sat in my bucket seat. It was tucked...hanging out the back of your shorts...staring me straight in the face.

Remember? I'm the one that spewed coffee all over her windshield and screached out of the parking lot. I ended up paying ten bucks to park closer to the school, but now I wish I had saved the money and hit you with my car instead. Now I am haunted by the memory of your nut sack...and yet aching with a sick curiosity. Why were you up so early on a cold day like this, pacing around with your nut sack and dick hanging out the back of your shorts? Who were you on the phone with?? Is this a regular thing for you? Is it normal to have your junk out in the open so early on a weekday morning, or is it considered a social faux pas..like wearing white shoes after labor day? Do you hang out(no pun intended) with other...what do you call yourselves...manginites? Have you thought about investing in a rain coat like other pervs, or do you prefer the spandex look? If this wasn't a special show just for me...which I highly doubt...then for who? Do you do this at home or just in public?

On a technical note, how is this logistically possible...I mean I got a pretty good view of your fruit basket and I'm suprised you managed to get so much to stick so far in the back. I mean, I've seen silence of the lambs, so I know the whole mangina thing is possible...maybe I don't surf the internet enough, but I've never seen a nut tuck from the back before. Thinking back, I'm impressed by it's flexibility and projection. You didn't seem to have any problems walking or anything. You must use gold bond or something for the chafing.

If you get this, could you please respond to these questions...maybe tell me when you will be there again so that I can drive by. I won't get out of the car...but I'd like to get a picture...or poke you with a stick or something...just to make sure that you are real.

this is in or around Downtown

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