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Applications taken for missed connection (MC) - m4w

I tell you what... We have got to make Craig proud. He has worked hard for us and we cant disappoint him now, not after all he has done for us MCs. LETS MISS EACH OTHER. I got a plan. Lets not talk to each other when we are attracted to one another. I mean whats the fun in that. Lets look each other in the eyes, lets smile at each other for couple of hours and then move on with our lives not knowing what would have become of it (see the suspense is building already) . You cant be my MC if either one of us open our mouth. So I beg you ... lets miss each other.

To make sure that we miss each other (cuz there has been times where I couldnt shut the hell up and I started talking ... and hey ...dont laugh, I know you have done it too) lets set a time and place where we could meet. I'll take care of it all, not to worry baby. I'll tell you what I look like, and what I'll be wearing, and where in the joint I'll be placing my ass. But you have to promise me one thing..... no matter what... no matter how atracted I am to you or you are to me... we'll both shut the hell up and not say a damn word. May be we'll exchange looks but thats as far as it'll go and that's pushing it already. But what the hell for you I'll be understabding this one time.

This way we can assure Craig of an MC. Please be there for me baby and dont disappoint me ..... please dont talk to me, I beg you.

In return I'll always love you for missing me and I missing you.

Your MC

PS 1 - I already miss you darling
PS 2 - I love you Craig and and as much as I love you domt get any ideas. Im not gay. I just love you dude.

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