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Davis, CA

To find a boyfriend (between ages 19-25 with picture) who is deserving of my time, energy, and extensive experience.

Great In Kitchen Doesn't Mind Cleaning
Gives Porn Star Head Can Fix Anything And Has Own Set Of Power Tools
Knowledgable of Sports Amazing Decrotive Eye
Great Dancer Ability To Charm Parents
Knowledable of Cars Wonderful with Children Though Has None Of Own
Ability To Avoid Drama Does Not Like To Shop & Drag Boyfriend Around
Can Ask Instead of Nag Has Jealosy Issues Under Control
Ability To Get Along Great With Your Friends Without It Appearing Clingy


- Helped get off academic probabtion at college
- Taught him proper sexual technique
- Kept crazy ex-girlfriend at bay
- Took care of sick grandmother during her last days
- Made friends with his friends and got them all girlfriends
Reason for leaving position: No opportunity for growth

- Redecorated entire house. (painting, fixing,general sprucing)
- Got his financial situation under control
- Started Poker night for him and his friends
- Imporved taste in clothing,food, and fine art
Reason for leaving position: his wondering eye, hand, & penis

On and off again through 6/02- 01-03
- Showed him around America
- Gave him place to stay once summer job was over
- Traveled 8000 miles to visit him at home once he left
- Charmed parents
- Gave him someone to be in love with for first time
- Sent funny presents during birthdays and holidays
- E-mailed, called, and wrote dutifully
Reason for leaving position: Company wanted us to transfer to new location

Eric # 1
- Spent hours studying with him for SAT; ending score of 1520
- Talked Parents into letting him go to France for Christmas Break
- Tended to his dog when she had surgery
- Help mother retile kitchen
- Consistantly got his friends dates
Reason for leaving position- His wondering eye, hand, and penis

Eric # 2
- Tutored sister with learning disability
- Bailed Him Out of Jail
- Helped with payments of his car
- Went to therapy with mother during difficult divorce
- Gave first sexual experience
Reason for leaving position: His wondering eye, hand, and penis

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