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Hummer Woman who almost ran me over at Capital and 28th - m4w

You know, I live in Midtown, and always have, which means I like to ride my bike alot by definition. Its a true live/work little community we have down here, unfortunately its been recently discovered by the likes of you. And has become a haven for Sushi restaruants and Hair Salons, its cool at least you havent decided to move here yet, visitings always welcomed though

I dont mind that your a well heeled good looking young woman, or that you drive some humongously wasteful Humvee, hell I drove one in the Army, they can be fun. I respect your decision as an American to pollute the Air, cause global warming, and theres guys dying for that right even as I type that. I'm not some radical downtowner, you know I'm home sick today, from my really good professional job that I love. Believe it or not guys with MBA's do occassionally ride nice, if somewhat dated, mountainbikes. I'm sure one of your many ex-husbands can confirm this. Thats what all these little "bike lanes" in midtown are for, seriously I know you might have thought they were just there to inconvieniance you, because the roads in Rocklin are so much more accomidating. But they do actually serve a purpose.

What I do mind is when you use the bike lane as a passing lane, to blow through a red light. Please try peeling that cell phone off your FUCKING EAR for like 1 second and realize thats a 6 ton vehicle your driving badly where pedestrians and cyclists frequently cross the road.

I briefly saw you as your Hummer came barreling toward me, causing me to actually run into a parked car to avoid being flattened. You seemed rather busy, looking at your hands, and in the mirror, perhaps you were admiring the new hair and nail job you'd just gotten. And to your bright little mind Im sure it was important. It might have been the only thought you'd had all day, I bet that makes you feel special

I think spending time with my 4 year old daughter is kind of important also, Id like to spend more time with her in the future. Thank you for reminding me that near death experiances can prevent this from happening, I'll make sure to remember this next weekend when I see her

Oh and dont worry, I got the message when as you ran that red light, you honked at me and gave me the finger. I'll try to stay out of your way next time.....

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