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favorite this post Craigslist

I see a lot of the MW4M, W4MM, MW4donkey, dp, sub, dom, top, bottom, anal, oral, fetish, gangbang, 13" +, bukake, want to be videotaped, while you pay her rent and bills around, but...

My missed connection:

I miss the posts where women complain that all guys are looking for sex and are insensitive jerks and wouldn't it be great if they could find a guy to take long walks on the beach with or talk about some crappy book they read or see some lame band or stupid play or write them poetry or draw them a picture or some other artsy crap like that, oh and who is also a sensitive guy, intelligent, looks like a model and has a great job (yeah, I'm sure that guy reads Craigslist and is looking for you)

I miss the girl that is looking for a guy that shares her interests and proceeds to list the things she wishes she was into because she really has no interests.

I miss the BBW, thick, curvy, not-model-skinny, full-figured or whatever you want to call it, woman looking for her teddy-bear guy.

I miss the psycho who claims that she isn't into games.

I miss the "not looking for someone with baggage" girl because that would just get in the way of all of her baggage.

I miss the plain Jane girl who complains that all the good looking guys don't see how great of a girl they are missing, even though she doesn’t see all the average looking guys, who would be great for her, that she is missing.

I miss the girls who claim they are not high maintenance then proceed to write a book about themselves and what they want.

I miss the girl who says that she wants to connect on an intellectual level then asks for a picture when you respond.

I miss the princess looking for her prince.

I guess I miss the normally dysfunctional person seeking same. I don’t really have much room to complain (but I will anyway) since I don’t pay for the service and I read those ads for my own enjoyment not to try to meet someone. Oh well, back to the missed connections to see what is here.

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