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favorite this post Basically 2 studio apartmints

Employed or students.

I have no use for the 2 up stairs rooms except to rent them as studios. 12x14 south side studio with sunny balcony, 140 degree view of the sky, partial view of snow capped mountains. The 10x14 west side studio can be used as a sun tan room, view of cross streets, large closets. 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath apartmint that I'm leasing long term. South side studio is rented, UNR graduate, male.

Studios are unfurnished except for kitchen appliances. Silent running portable room refrigerator/freezer, microwave, toaster oven, hot plate, 2 foldable 34" square tables with 2 foldable padded chairs. Portable door security lock that can be used when your in your studio or bath room. Carpeted. You can use the kitchen sink. I've removed my property from the up stairs full bath. I won't be using the up stairs bath much.

The down stairs living room, kitchen an 1/2 bath is my studio. I don't have a bed. I don't sleep. I do get tired. I have a roll up mat.

$300 monthly rent an $300 security deposit, includes utilities, wifi, 532 channels tv. Buy wireless stereo head phones if you want to listen to music or television. No lease required.

I don't care if you have a guest over for one or two nights per week as long as the guest has their own home an is employed or student. I don't smoke. I don't care if you smoke in your studio, seal the bottom of your door, automatic self sealing air vents. Central heat/ac. No parties or illegal drugs.

Professional Horse Race Player. Retired Chevron gas station operator. Inventor. Expert stock market investor. Diablo Valley College graduate 1984, AA, AS, Computer Science, Pleasant Hill, Calif. Graintarian not vegetarian. There are billions of salt an seasuning eaters in the world. There are very few raw flesh eaters. Advertisers use women that are on starvation diets to sell food an drinks. A professional chef told me that you can make any thing taste good. Graintarians don't produce foul body odors. I still eat plain cheese pizzas. 6'2", 200 pds.

I'll teach people to become rich in the stock market, no charge, its simple, 500 words. They have to be able to invest $100 per month into the stock market for 20 years. I think that the stock market is a better investmint than real estate if you know how to invest in the stock market.

Horse racing is classified information.

I'll teach people the basics of horse racing or class 101. Women love horses. However there aren't very many women that bet on horse races. Penny Chenery, breeder an owner of Secretariat, set records in horse racing that today haven't been broken. Secretariat is the winner of the Triple Crown, 1973, the highest honor in horse racing. What I don't under stand is why trainers an jockeys don't know how to earn their living betting on horse races. They know how to train an ride horses, however they don't know how to bet on horse races. John Wayne, great western movie star of the 30's thru 70's wouldn't of been allowed to join the U.S. Cavalry. You couldn't join the cavalry if you weighed more than 160 pounds. John weighed 200 pounds. Today, forget about a career in Hollywood if your taller than 6'2" or weigh more than 180 pounds. In Japan, all forms of gambling are banned except horse racing. There are no casinos in Japan, only horse race tracks. 6 months ago, China became part of international horse racing. I've reported to the American an Canadian horse racing association that Japan, China an all other countries should not be allowed to bet on American or Canadian horse races until they up grade their standards of information to meet or exceed the standards of American an Canadian horse race tracks. I won't bet on Japanese or Chinese races until they up grade to American an Canadian standards. I don't think that Japan or China is going to be happy with me betting on their horse races. All I'll do is with draw money from their countries. Japanese racing is very different from American racing. Japanese horse racing is very militarily regimented. Theres some thing about the way money is bet on Japanese races that I don't understand. I wonder if drug dealers are using Japanese horse races to launder money. Drug dealers in America use casinos to launder money threw poker games. I don't understand why there are so many white jockeys in Japan an all other non-white countries. I would think that they would want to use their own home grown jockeys. It shocks me to see western women at the Dubai horse race track dressed in western clothes an at the same time Arab women are standing next to them covered from head to toe in black burkas. It shocks me that theres a horse race track in Dubai. Thoroughbred horses are half Arabian half English mares.

I bought a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 800 sq ft Concord Calif condo in 1988 for $65,000. I sold the condo in 2006 for $340,000. The condo was on the market for one day, multiple offers. Location, location, location. I put the $250,000 tax free profit into a non-cancellable annuity. I'm being paid $2,000 per month after taxes for the rest of my life. Which should be for another 30 years or more. 2 years after I sold the condo, 2008, the economy crashed. The condo sold for $85,000.

I smoked marijuana every day for 30 years. I quit smoking it because I wasn't getting high from it anymore. The body will build up a tolerance to any drug if used regularly. You'll keep taking higher an higher doses until you over dose. You'll be chasing mirages or rainbows. You'll only be fooling yourself thinking your getting high.

Excellent property managemint.

Crime in this 40 unit apartmint building is basically zero.

This building is well designed from a security point of view.

The apartmint is gated by remote control. However it wouldn't be very difficult for some one to climb over the 6 foot fences. The front door gate is left un-locked during the day to let delivery people in. Theres really not much to worry about since there are no homeless people or gangs hanging out in the neighborhood. 90% of the people in America don't live in gated homes.

The building is designed like a walled castle. Large grassy play ground in the middle of the building.

Everyone is watching the children play in the middle of the building or looking at you when you enter or exit your apartmint from their living room or bedroom windows. A robber would be a fool to break in to some ones apartmint knowing how many people could be watching him or her.

You don't want to play games with Sue. Shes a no non sense land lord. You have to get permission from Sue before I allow some one to move in. Must get permission from Sue if you have a pet an pay a $400 security deposit per pet. I don't think that big dogs will be happy being left alone in the studio while the owner is at work. Aquarium fish are the most popular pet.

No businesses allowed. Its quiet an peaceful.

This is not a up scale neighborhood. Its mostly single family homes built in the 60's an 70's.

The one thing that you have to be concerned about is auto theft. Reno is above average in auto theft. However I think that the auto recovery rate is 90%. My next door neighbor owns a $100,000 humvee. Its parked on the street. No ones stolen it. According to Nevada law, the lower the income is of the persun those car was stolen, the harsher the sentence will be against the auto thief. However the judge has to know what the victims financial situation is. The victim has to appear in court for the sentencing. In california, the jail sentence for stealing a $250,000 ferrari is 90 days. Rob a bank for $100, the sentenced is 20 years.

At night time I wouldn't walk the 1/4 mile to the 5 major supermarkets. I don't think that it would be safe to do that. The streets are well lit however their deserted at night.

After selling the condo I rented a 1 bedroom 600 sq ft apartmint in concord calif for 10 years. Starting rent was $800. The rent was going up from $1,300 to $1,600 starting on 4/1/16. I decided to move to Reno not just because of the rent. Its also Reno's culture that I'm attracted to.

I have 20 years of experience renting my spare room or studios.

The average time that someone rents a room is 6 months. Almost all of the people that I've rented to rented the room or studio for at least a year.

Its easy being a land lord in the Concord, San Francisco area. There are more renters than rooms for rent.

Its not easy being a land lord in the Reno Nevada area. There are more rooms for rent than renters.

In the Concord, San Francisco area the studios would be rented in one week.

In the Reno area 3 to 6 months depending on what the renter requiremints are.

However, if a room for rent is with in 5 minutes walking distance to the university, it would be a easier room to rent.

Do I want to move back to the Concord, San Francisco area now that I know what its like to be a land lord in Reno.


I'm happy living in Reno.

Back in the Concord area

I rented my spare room to a retired dean of education for Saint Mary's College, Moraga Calif. He was separated from his wife. Shes a commercial artist. He has a bullitt in his leg from world war II that doctors couldn't remove.

I rented the room to an Iranian professor of agriculture. He said that he was publicly wiped for drinking a can of beer an his farm was taken away from him. His son is a UC Berkeley student studying nuclear science.

When I rented the concord apartmint for 10 years a Mexican family moved in next door to me for 7 years. Their good people. They didn't speak English.

My sister is a high school teacher. My brother is a FBI agent.


Never use your real name or phone number when buying things on the internet. Try not to have the packages delivered to your home. Change your name on your credit cards to initials only. Never use 800 phone numbers unless you trust them. Don't trust back ground checking companies. Read the fine print. Only the FBI can check some ones back ground. Don't trust drivers licenses, social security cards, student I.D. cards etc. Put your drivers license, credit cards, etc into a metal wallet so that they can't be secretly scanned while their in your pocket or purse. Put a piece of black tape over your computer cam when your not using it. Watch cashiers carefully when their handling your credit card especially if they drop it. Don't buy tires with computer chips in them. Remove your battery from your cell phone when your not using it. Turning it off won't work. Put a piece of tape over your VIN number on your dash board of your car. There is one way that you can check some ones back ground if your not a FBI agent. Have them go to a gun shop an apply to buy a gun. Their finger prints will be sent to the FBI. Its a myth that you can buy guns at gun shows with out a back ground check. The odds of being murdered in Reno are 1 in 7,500 in the year 2013. The odds of a women being raped are 1 in 1,500. Most police officers aren't killed in gun fights. Most police officers are killed in auto accidents. For every persun that is murdered, 2 people commit suicide. Its rare for a women to commit a violent crime. They prefer poison.

10 years ago, running an ad like this in the Contra Costa Times news paper would of cost $1,000 per week.

Today, due to the internet an computers, its free to run on Craigslist.

God or Goddess

Bless America

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