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re: breeding dogs

here's my rant: people who don't know shit about dogs but own/breed them anyway. so, to the dumbass who said that neutered dogs don't learn to piss with their leg up....well, 1st) so? who the fuck cares? 2nd) that rarely has anything to do with sexual status. it has more to do with dominance and breed. giant breeds rarely lift their legs because it is harder on their hips to do so. same goes with some stockier breeds like bulldogs and dachshunds. i have a 100lb gsd who wasn't neutered until 10 months of age (well after sexual maturity). he doesn't lift his leg b/c of his size.
neutering is essential to a dog's health. it prevents or greatly reduces the risks of many types of cancers. reduces the risk of fistulas. prevents pyometra in females. prevents unwanted pregnancies, mastitis, eclampsia, and dystocias. the only reasons not to spay/neuter (other than an underlying health problem in the animal) are selfish ones.

1. i want him/her to have one litter so i can have one of the puppies. why? the puppies aren't guaranteed to come out anything like either of the parents. there are millions of dogs being killed in shelters every year that would make fantastic pets.

2. he/she is a purebred. and so are 30-50% of the dogs in kill shelters right now. being a purebred is no reason to breed. akc registration proves NOTHING about health, temperment, or even conformation. just that both parents were of the same breed.

3. i want the children to experience the miracle of birth. yeah, the bloody mess of birth is a great thing for a child to see. especially when some of the puppies are stillborn (which happens at almost every birth). or when a puppy doesn't develop properly and is born with organs outside the body or without legs. that's fun for the whole family. or how about when the puppy gets stuck in the birth canal and the mother can't deliver on her own. so you rush the dog (and the kids of course) to the er vet at 3am and realize that you didn't bother to set aside the $1500 for a situation like this. then the kids can pet the dog while the vet euthanizes her. i'm sure they'll be glad they got to see that. if you really want to set a good example for your kids, you will neuter your pets and maybe get involved with rescuing and fostering homeless dogs. THAT is a great life lesson.

4. i can make some money. yes, you can. if you are doing it wrong. responsible breeders spend thousands a year on OFA and CERF certifications, trips to the veterinarian, cardiologist and endocrinologist. they pay travel expenses and entry fees for conformation shows, agility trials, obedience classes and trials and tracking lessons. they screen homes and have them lined up before the puppies are even born, often before the bitch is even bred. they do NOT sell to the first person with a wad of cash and they do NOT advertise on CL or in the newspaper.

and again to the same asshole who also said "Besides why should the dog have to suffer for the owners lack of responsibility? If they dogs were better taken care of, they would not have the opportunity to get loose. Hell our kids are getting loose and banging, lets neuter them too!!!!!"

where to begin...it's hard to believe that people can be this ignorant. neutering, especially in males is relatively painless. males are usually back to their normal selves before the end of the day. they do not know that anything is different. just that they took a nap at the vet and woke up with a few stiches. DOGS ARE NOT PEOPLE. they don't think "Oh God - my nuts are gone!" intact male dogs' lives are literally consumed by hormones. they are constantly frustrated by not being able to mate. a neutered male is not bothered with those impulses and is more able to lead a happy life as a member of the family.
you say it's not fair that the dog have to suffer? but it's okay that they have to suffer from prostate cancer or perianal fistulas? from uncontrollable hormones? from anal gland problems? if you DON'T want your dog to suffer, neuter him.
you're right, dogs should not have the opportunity to get loose. however, an intact male can smell an intact female up to a mile away and these dogs will often do whatever it takes to get to each other including tearing a fence apart or breaking through a window or door. plus, if a neutered dog gets loose there is no chance of it getting pregnant or impregnating another dog.
and the kid comment...well, that just proves how much of an idiot you really are. if your kids are getting loose and "banging" it is because you are a bad parent. you didn't bother with teaching them any values or giving them any rules to abide by. children can process thoughts and make decisions. dogs are solely controlled by their hormones. they are unable to make the decision to just ignore their sexual urges and do what they should. the fact that the SPCA actually adopted a dog to someone as ignorant as you makes me want to call them and bitch them out.

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