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REAL dog skeleton

Lost dog? I may have found it yesterday.

so i'm updating my wonderful investment property / first home as I always do on the weekends, it was like any other day. While installing a new light fixture, I accidentally let the wire pull back up into the ceiling. The easy solution smash a hole in the plaster and fish the wire through. This was an easy decision as the exsisting plaster was looking pretty disgusting. The hammer breached the ceiling, typical of the building, dirt newspaper, garbage, what you would typically find in a 100+ year old house.

I tried getting my hand in there, wasn't quite big enough. Once again the mighty hammer pulverizes the stained plaster ceiling, this time my hand fit, there just happened to be a stud in the way. I thought well i'll just reach over it, again the hammer. I stop. "A bone, thats odd," I thought to myself, "maybee a mouse drug a chicken leg up here?" At this point I thought it was strange as the bone was rather large. I hit the plaster with the hammer once more as by this point i had a large hole and figured well might as well replace all of it.

"BAM, mother f!@#er," I declared rather startled. At this point I realized I was no longer dealing with a chicken. Laying on my step was one dog skull! I paused, took a minute to gather myself, returned to the scence, now with resperator and gloves, and carefully removed what was left in the ceiling.

I found no note, no dog tag, only the remains of a dog, wrapped in what seemed to be clear plastic, there were some news paper shards that I tried to get a date off of, they only refrenced the 1880's.

I must admit I am curious as to the events that led to this happening, a true declaration of "you never know what you are going to find, when you open up those walls".

So, I have one possibly 100 year old dog skeleton up for sale, i'm not sure if every single last bone is there, but i'm pretty sure i got all of them. I would like to either donate this to some sort of public school science class / museum. OR sell it. Usually (like this happens to anyone ever) I would just burry this, however I'm pushing bankrupt. I had a foundation wall colapse and that cost me all of my savings, I need not go into my financial situation, only that I have a dog skeleton for purchase / donation. the terms, I want my name displayed somewhere if its a school / museum, (you need to prove whom you say you represent.) or $100

If I feel you are going to defile these remains in anyway, I won't sell it to you, granted this may be a bit hypocritical as i'm trying to sell the thing, but as my life goes i'd sell this to some freak who would try to have sex with it, get some outrageous infection and then sue me.

This skeleton is definately a biohazard and needs a taxidermist to do whatever it is they do.

Thusly, if anyone lost an averaged size brown dog, within the last oh 100 years, around observatory hill, I FOUND YOUR DOG! Also, if any of you can tell me what stuff like this happens to me ALL THE TIME, that'd be great!

have a nice day!

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