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Originally Posted: 2009-09-26 10:24

Missed connection with the person who smashed my windshield

Dear vandal,

I don't know you. You don't know me. That's the primary reason why I am so confused about what motivation someone would have to take a blunt object (which, judging from the damage, appears to have been a hammer) to the windshield of my four-year-old, secondhand, nondescript, mid-range, American-made sedan. It really did not make my rainy morning.

The Pittsburgh police officer that showed up at my door to file the report assumes it's related to the G20 mischief that continued into yesterday. Apparently my vehicle wasn't the only one in my neighborhood damaged overnight.

Vandal, it may suprise you to discover that I am young, educated and progressive. I don't trust authority either. It's possible that I listen to some of the same bands you do, and that we've hung out in some of the same bars. We probably share some political and cultural ideas (my bookshelves are full of Beat literature, Hunter S Thompson, and Noam Chomsky), though evidently I'm a bit less extreme. While I wasn't out marching in the streets with you, I respect your right to do so -- in short, idealogically I'm not against you. Maybe I'm not even that different from you.

However, one thing I do disagree with is destruction of private property, whether it be business or personal. Vandalism has no message, no ideals, no winners. There is intelligent protest, and then there is rebellion for rebellion's sake -- smashing my windshield was pointless.

Look -- everyone is entitled to their opinion. Everyone is trying to get by in this world. I discovered my broken windshield at 6:45 this morning while heading out to my job as a registered nurse taking care of sick kids. I'm going to work on a weekend because it's a stipulation of my job, and my job at this (non-profit, non-corporate) kids' hospital is allowing my boyfriend and I to maybe someday buy that piece of property outside of the city where we can grow our own organic vegetables and raise our own chickens, where he can play his drums at midnight, and where we can raise our children to think independently and to respect all living things in a home that's eco-friendly. Somewhere we can maybe get off the grid a little.

Thanks to you, I am now set back several hundred dollars from that. I don't appreciate it. Next time you choose to express yourself, maybe you should consider how your form of expression will effect others. Isn't that one of the major complaints you have against capitalism?

A local citizen

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