Originally Posted: 2004-11-19 1:29pm
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I'm in a bind and forced to barter my imaginary friend for some quality electrical work. Need a couple of can lights and other lights installed.

I hate to part with my imaginary friend, or Buddy as I call him. Buddy has been with me for years. Buddy's a good friend. Never complains and is dependable. Buddy won't forget to drive you home after a night on the town! Buddy's not too smart, but that can be good. Buddy goes along with everything you want to do - even if it's really stupid.

Unlike other "real" friends, Buddy is perfect if you're in a relationship. He doesn't mind sharing you with others - after all, you're Buddy's only friend.

So if you know electrical stuff and need a good, dependable imaginary friend, give me a call. Here's a picture of Buddy so you know what you're getting.

this is in or around C Phoenix

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