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Please buy this fixie wheelset. My battered heart implores you.

Back in the halcyon days of our budding relationship, my now ex-boyfriend and I decided to start fixing up bikes. He was an old-school steel fan, so we started with his Schwinn Varsity---he converted it to a beautiful fixed-gear, and I contributed support, encouragement, and the impetus to apply that second coat of signpainter's one-shot. Thrilled with the result, we picked up more frames, parts, and wheels.

And then tragedy struck.

My asshole ex-boyfriend decided to end our relationship when he got a temporary gig in New York, citing (believe it or not) the fact that he just "loved me too much" to fearlessly invest time and energy into a long-distance relationship (even if just for three months). He took the half-stripped Varsity frameset we'd recently started (it was destined to be mine) and left me with a wheelset, some vague promises, and a broken heart.

Those wheels, my friends, are now for sale. They've been languishing too long in the darkest recesses of my one-room efficiency and now it's time for me to get it into my head that my douchebag ex-boyfriend is never coming back and, more importantly, he is never going to finish building my Varsity fixed-gear conversion.

So help me mend my broken heart. Buy my wheels so that someday, after a long, slow healing process, I can ride off into the sunset with a new boyfriend. On matching Bianchis.


About the wheels:

I know nothing about them except that they're straight, true, never ridden, moderately shiny, and come with a cog and lockring. They've also got tires (albeit rather cheap ones). And hey, they're only $50.

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