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favorite this post An open letter to Craig

Dearest Craig,

I just adore your site. Really, thank you for providing me with your wonderful service. I have used this service on several occasions with varying degrees of success. I got a job off the job board, it pays the rent in the apartment I found on the sublet board. Right now I have a boyfriend, who I actually met live and in person, and not off the personals board, but he is important information for you to know since I am writing about a past Casual Encounter.

Before I met my boyfriend, I was feeling a little randy. The summer months tend to do that to me. I get all hot and bothered. But I hadn't met anyone all that interesting and I really didn't want to mess up the friendships I have with my guy friends. What is a girl to do? Turn to Casual Encounters, of course. So I did, and it was great. My post essentially laid out the following information; I was looking for an ongoing but casual situation which would be mutually beneficial. I received many responses from which to choose, chose one, met him, played with and enjoyed him, and repeated the encounter with him many times over the summer months.

Actually, that was perfect. He was just what I needed and I am pretty sure I was just what he needed, too. Like I said, mutually beneficial. Then I met a great guy (the aforementioned boyfriend.) He and I started going out and pretty soon my mutually benefiting friend and I stopped seeing eachother. It was an easy separation, as the entire thing had been quite casual.

Well I am angry, Craig. Not at you so much as at myself. You make it so easy for a person to ask for what she wants and go out and get it. Well, I asked, I went out, I got it. Now it turns out that what, or more accurately, who I got is about to start a new job working with my brother-in-law. SHIT MOTHER FUCKER.
I did some dirty, dirty deeds with my Casual Encounter. He and my brother in law have a lot of things in common, and will be working in the same department. I know, I am probably not that high on Casual Encounter's list of people to talk about, as it is somewhat embarrassing for him to reveal anything about our encounter, too. But the "what if's" are running violently through my mind.

Please, please be aware that your service is so easy to use, and successfully, no less, that your users should think twice before using it. If you ask for what you want, you just might get it. And then what?

Thank you, Craig, for our time together. I think that I need to stop seeing you. I am erasing you from my favorites bar. I will no longer check your Rants and Raves for my amusement at work. I will no longer look for a better job on your Jobs board. I will no longer laugh at your Best Ofs. You are addictive and effective. A deadly, or at least mortifying combination.

And to my Casual Encounter, good luck at your new job. If you run into a guy who loves golf and Nascar as much as you do, please don't mention me to him. And if, somehow, he ever brings me up, please do the gentlemanly thing of pretending that I never let you fuck my ass, never licked your balls, never let you come on my face, or even let you see me naked. The polite thing to do is pretend you never met me at all.

Yours very truly,

A Satisfied User

this is in or around University City

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