Originally Posted: 2004-09-11 6:02pm
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My opponent supports decentralizing your home entertainment devices. These divisive policies belong to America's past, not its bright future, and I won't advocate them. Not gonna do it. See, I'm a joiner, not a divider. My plan for America brings your stereo, tv, playstation and dvd player together in one unreasonably large piece of furniture that celebrates America's strength and world stature. Others want to apologize for our country's strengths, but not me. I'm not afraid to tell you, America's strength lies in it's unreasonably large entertainment centers, like this one right here. It also lies in its SUV'S, which represent our freedom to drive to West Philly and pick up unreasonably large entertainment centers any time we want. Maybe even right now.
Yesterday a hard working American asked me, "anonimous craigslist poster, sometimes I feel like pointing all my furniture in one direction, but I don't know in which direction I should point it." Let me tell you right now, America's furniture needs leadership, and my entertainment center can provide it. YOUR FURNITURE SHOULD POINT TOWARDS MY ENTERTAINMENT CENTER!
See, under my opponent's decentralized plan, you have lots of remotes for lots of devices, but you can't tell which one is for what or where you're supposed to point it. Point the wrong one in the wrong direction and nothing happens. Zip. Nadda. See, when nothing happens, the enemies of America win. Under my centralized plan, you point all remotes toward the entertainment center. It doesn't matter which remote you pick up, if you point it at the entertainment center and mash a bunch of buttons SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN! This keeps America safe.
Some suggest the entertainment center is an unfunded mandate. That's not true. It's fifty bucks.
53"W x 47"T x 17"D. TV area is 27"W x 25"T. Email for picks.
My name is Anonimous Craigslist Poster and I support this posting.

this is in or around West Philly

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