Originally Posted: 2004-05-26 18:51

Do you like cute puppies?

Send Me Your Picture or the Puppy Gets It!

Ok, I said it. I mean it! I hate to go to such drastic measures but I am frustrated, bamboozled, and honestly out of ideas. I have placed a few honest ads for myself on here but no response. I have stated my humble intentions, listed my good qualities, and described myself as good looking. But no one cares. So that's it. I am resorting pure terror and violense. So unless you want to see an Al-Queade style execution with this puppy.

You best email me your pic.

Maybe, you think:
"Why would I ever want to meet someone that would harm a puppy?"
"Could such a person be a danger to me?"
"Should I condone such ruthless acts by succumbing to the demands?"
"What if his demands go beyond a simple email or picture?"
"Would appeasing him only endanger more puppies in the future?"
"Could this lead to more puppy perpretrating acts?"

These are very valid questions. They demonstrate a deep understanding of human nature, social awareness, and strategic political action. But they are not helping this cute little guy. So unless you want to see this him on Al-Jazeera Animal Planet!

Email me or the puppy gets it.

this is in or around *Picture*

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