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favorite this post 6 years ago tomorrow....

I had a malignant tumor removed at the ripe old age of 16. In 1 month, I will have been cancer free for 3 years(I had it twice)--I'm still here, I'm still going to bug you, I'm still going strong and I'm not going anywhere! If you're going through the same thing, know this, there is life after cancer, there is hope to reach the other side, your hair does come back (mine came back black over red but what the hell, who wants to be a ginger anyway?), your life does go on and I'm living proof.

A few tips if you're suffering through chemo....

1. peppermints are great, they soothe your stomach and get rid of that gross taste, use them

2. Lukewarm mashed potatoes are easy to eat when you're having trouble, try a very little bit of garvy and small cut up chicken if you feel up to it

3. Suck on lemons to get rid of that awful taste in your mouth, they won't taste nearly as sour as they normally do

4. When you're feeling well, you'll have cravings like a mad pregnant woman, indulge them

5. Shave your head before your hair falls out, it hurts when it falls out and its a terrible knock to your ego

6. You're going to vomit, a lot, get used to it, once you do, it's not so bad

7. Your tastes change, beef will taste like rotten ass, avoid it

8. Fresh fruit can do wonders to make you feel better, especially fresh squeezed OJ with a bit of lemon juice

9. Keep busy, don't make the cancer your life, do as much as you can

10. Cannot stress this enough, go to penn, Go To Penn, GO TO PENN!

Good luck to those who are suffering and congrats to my fellow survivors!

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