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Originally Posted: 2016-04-15 11:44

unique vehicle brings joy


My wife said it her or the van. I thought long and hard but came to the decision that, as much as I love this vehicle, I loved her more. My kids would choose the van.

Dumber than dumb and dumber! Make this facinating ultra custom, vehicle work for you! It has more bells and whistles than a clown factory with the comfort and reliability of an easy chair.

This vehicle was a 2006 Ford Econoline 350 that we bred with a standard poodle and Grover. The resulting beast is the ultimate smile generator. If you want to spread cheer, drive this around the block with your favorite song playing through the exterior speaker and your logo on the sides. Let people know what's up!!! Pull over and let the party start!!!

The title is clean and it runs like a dream. It handles way better than you would think.

Dispensary tours?
Promote anything!
Take it to burning man!
Drive your kids to school in it!
Make everyone listen to your favorite song!
Kick start boring parties!
Make friends 4 lyfe!
Endless potential!

less than 100,000 easy miles!
$90K was spent building it
The arms go up and down! Huge crowd pleaser!
The eyeballs light up. Help guide UFOs
The interior is lined with real muppet fur. We only used fur from bad muppets.
Interior lighting scheme is sure to please. Sexy blue and fluid.
The vehicle handles like a car
12V converter
exterior plugs for phone charging or blenders
exterior speakers can be turned on and off from the dash.

I will deliver it anywhere for $1000

Here are some links to the making of it:

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