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Umm, At the risk of sounding strange and perhaps perverted,
I'm just going to come right out and say this:I like to sniff things and am hoping
to find someone who is not afraid to admit that she likes to sniff things too.
Nothing gross here really,just everyday items we might find in our homes
or at the store or wherever.
I thought we might start out with the very basics like each other's socks,
bellybuttons and scalps and then, when we are happy with that, we could
sniff other things. I was thinking maybe we could do something like I bring over
a pair of my roomates underwear or his toothbrush,his hairbrush or his
t-shirt and we could trade off like that: next time you come over and bring
something from your house.We could also go out to cafes and stores and
smell a whole variety of things: doorknobs, napkins people use to eat with,
dressing rooms**, meat items, etc. Although I'll admit that I find this very
erotic and deeply personal, I would like to share this with someone striclty in the platonic sense;I just got out of a long term relationship[because of my desire to sniff]and am simply not ready emotionally to combine sniffing with love or sex.I'm not opposed to casual massage with oils and such but thats it.
I dont care about race,weight,age etc but will include a picture of myself upon request if that sort of thing is important to you.

Have a good day,


this is in or around S.E Portland

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