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Dear God of Bass Players

Dear God of Bass Players, I, a humble singer and guitar player, and my drummer compatriot, humbly beseech thee to send us a bass player, strong of wrist, fleet of finger, and wisened in the ways of rock and roll, particularly punk, post punk, and garage. Would that this bass player be over the age of 21, so that we may drink ale together and perform at local taverns. May he or she be in possession of a vehicle with which to travel, and professional quality gear with which to produce tones most pleasing to the ear. We ask that you grant us a battle-hardened bass player, possessing knowledge of scales, so that when I say "this song is in E-minor," he or she shall comprehend. May he or she be a punctual bass player, and not a lay-about, a rogue, a ruffian or a villain. In John Entwhistle's name we pray. Amen.
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