Originally Posted: 2006-07-02 10:05 (no longer live)

To my neighbor the sex god

You sir are a sex god. I know you are because I have heard so many different women screaming in mind and body shaking orgasm's. I have heard up to three different women in one night screaming. I know you are not just watching a porno because I look out and see different cars in the driveway. I also have to comend you on your obvious stamina.

Have you noticed we live in a duplex? That our bedrooms are seperated by a wall of rather dubious construction?

Could I be so brazen as to offer some constructive critisism? First banging thier heads against our poorly constructed wall is not good practise. Although I am sure you have already fucked their brains out, there could be other things in there that might be injured. It's just unsafe. Also considering how the wall is constructed I live in fear of waking one night to see their hgead poked through the wall and them staring at me. Please back up a foot or so. Second all that screaming is not only waking me it is giving me a headache. Could I suggest either pillows over their faces or panties in their mouths?

Thank you

PS when is it my turn?

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