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I'm not sure why my mom asked me to sell the kitchen. But it was in an email from her this morning, so being a dutiful son I will try and sell it. It's a decent Kitchen... built around 1917, it was remodeled in the 70s and has these kind of ugly cabinets now. The floor is linoleum and it's got a ton of knicks in it from when I used to drop knives in it to watch them stick, and the walls are this nice comfortable yellow color. Artwork from my childhood is included on one of the walls, as well as assorted family images magnetted to the fridge. There's a nice (fairly) used chopping block, a few oven mitts, a gas stove, and a "vintage" Joy of Cooking cookbook with something like 70 years of pie dough stuck to it. The only drawback is that the kitchen sandwiched inbetween our living room and the back porch, so you'd have to figure out something clever to wedge it out. Sounds good? Make an offer.

Will consider trade for Rustic or Neo-Modern style kitchen.

Will also consider trade for a good motorcyle.


also, if someone has any tips on how to mop my car, they would be greatly appreciated

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