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Wow, I placed my first personals ad on CL yesterday and MAN the response is fabulous! And heck, I figured I would NEVER get any replies, being middle-aged and looking basically for NSA sex. But I'm fussy, and most of the respondents...well, they don't measure up.

To Cassie, it was really charming the way you said, "I very much enjoy" and then you pasted my own text from my ad back to me, even though the grammar didn't fit "I enjoy". Sorry you didn't understand my ad, I did say "one time meeting only, no chit-chat", so I politely decline your request to go to your web page to text with you. Yes, I know, free is good, by the way, it's not spelled "completly".

To Camelia, that was just plain weird, you said not to respond to any ad that directs me to a dating site, then you said to find you on a dating site. If you can't figure out that logic, I don't think you're NSA material...you'd get the wrong idea.

Melissa, thanks for the note, but just like I said to Cassie, I don't want chit-chat. I also note that you said you're new to Portland, in exactly the same words Cassie said and you both are "alex21" on the respective dating sites you refer to. Do you know each other?

Annie, funny how you wrote just like Camelia, to not go to other dating sites, but then to go to yours. Also, it's not "completly".

Kourtney, it's just plain weird that you wrote exactly what Camelia said, "maybe you would like to speak with a young girl so that we will know more about each other because i'm new in portland and looking for a relationship/roommate" and the thing about chit-chat. As I said in my ad, no chit-chat and no, I don't want a "young girl", that would be just icky. Do you and Camelia know each other?

Sherrie, you just didn't even READ my ad, did you? If you had, you would not have said you were new to Portland and interested in hanging out and developing an LTR. Oh and what is it with having to sign up somewhere to "chit chat" with you? When in the heck did the phrase "chit chat" come back?

Katie, congrats, you're the first one who seemed to identify what I wanted "not looking for anything serious, just a fun buddy if you catch my
drift ;)", however you also identify yourself as half my age (what I specifically said I did NOT want) and the link you gave me to your "pic"...well, it's a pic of a pretty, young girl, but it also says on the side that it's the photo being used by a spammer on CL...and the text on the page is EXACTLY what you wrote to me so I think you're not "real".

Jenny, again you're saying you "want to hang out" which is not what I want, and amazingly, while you suggested a different dating site than Sherrie did, you BOTH chose the user name "lovinlife444". Weird how women just randomly all pick the same user ID on different sites, isn't it! Are you twins separated at birth?

Uh, Evileena, you signed your email Stacy...and you also sent me to a spam site. If you can't remember where you put your own pics, I admit I won't be able to be interested in a hookup.

Sherry (different spelling than Sherrie), what is going on? Your email addy says Sherry, your first line says "hi I'm Sarah" and you sign your email Elizabeth. If you can't remember your name, I doubt you'd remember the date, time and location of our tryst. Sorry, I'm just not going to explain it further.

Kaitlyn, ah...I knew a woman by that name, and she was married, but if she weren't - what a body! 20 pounds underweight but busty as all hell with big nips that could not hide under thick brassieres and layers of sweatshirt and sweater. But you didn't even offer to meet, you just directed me to a "free dating site". I'm sorry, but I'm already on one, called Craigslist.

Marcell, you've got Sherry's problem! Your email says you're Marcell, you said you're Britney, then signed Erica. And what is this with so many women being 23 years old and just moved to Portland? Can't a 23 year old just go to any bar and get a date?

Nanci, something electronic screwed up. Your email text was EXACTLY the same as Marcell's and they were sent with the same timestamp. Right down to directing me to the same singles site, and the fact that you signed yourself Erica but called yourself Britney. Try sending again, since your message clearly got garbled. Or was it Marcell's that was garbled? Marcell, if you're still reading, try again.

Kaitlin, that was just weird...you sent me a nice email that said you'd like to get together on my terms. I replied and said when are you available and the MOMENT I sent my reply, there was another from you that said, "I tried to upload a pic but couldn't, go here to my friend's website, I'm on there"...now why would you be on your friend's website and how could you have known to reply to me so fast? That's just weird. Tell you what, I sent you a newsy email, reply to that at some length and we'll see, OK? I know I'm just in this for a quickie, but I don't want a quickie with a woman who only knows one-liners. I mean, let's say we get together and it looks like you're ready to have me in you, are you going to say, "go three houses down to find real pussy"....

Danica, you wrote exactly what Kaitlin did...hey, I'm starting to smell a rat!

Nellie, look, if you'd read my ad, you'd know I'm not "looking for friends to chill with", so I'm sorry to simply say no thanks.

Octavia, you sounded real - but when I replied to your email address, I got a bot response. Try sending from a different email address.

Weird - some women just can't read and others seem to have trouble with their email, and so many don't even know their own names.

No WONDER they have to turn to the 'net for dating...no way they'd make it in the real world.

Meanwhile, any woman interested in a one-time-only NSA meeting with a middle-aged man...ah, never mind.

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