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$860 per month is the rent, which is split each way. The utility is electricity, also split two ways. The apartment is pretty spacious, black and white linoleum in kitchen, carpet, window in the bathroom an kitchen, second floor, pretty basic.

Vegan household only. No animal products in the house; no new leather shoes (I am not going to shun you for an old pair of hiking shoes—I am an avid dumpster diver and may have old stuff in my life too that is on its last round), no honey, no bee pollen, no wool, no down comforters. I am a liberationist animal rights person who has a total commitment to veganism. It is a defining feature in my life.

I take care of inside-only cats. It is important to be aware of the cats when opening the door, because they are inside only,but they are older and mostly you do not have to worry about escapees, just when bringing in groceries or something like that. I scoop the cat litter everyday and vacuum very often. I am very clean about the cats. They have been with me for a decade and are the sweetest older cats ever. I do not support the domestication of animals—they are rescue kitties from the streets. Their names are Mulder, Bromden, Theo, and Zen Mama.

It is important for me to live in a straight-edge environment. Please, no alcohol or pot or anything else in the house. Please be sober in the house, even if it is not your lifestyle.

I am an environmentally aware person. I do not have an air conditioning unit, I use the heat on low in the winter (lots of layers). I shop at People’s coop and Food Fight!, I recycle, reuse, reduce. I am very DIY. I do not have a garden (there is hardly a yard here). But you can bring compost waste to various places around town if you like. I am childless by choice and do not want any kids living here, sorry parents.

I am a night owl. I work for a small business (HELD Vegan Belts) and basically make my own hours and work weekends at Saturday Market. I like to listen to music in the house at all hours, but will respect your schedule if you want quiet time or have a morning work schedule. In the mornings I am sleeping or working.

I like to have roommates I can become friends with, but it is not necessary. I like my home to be a place of refuge, a serene space of comfort. I am very casual, but neat (I rinse and stack dishes, I do not leave them in the sink with food on them).

I am 30 years old, female, and white. I am open minded and can live with just about anyone from any “demographic” as long as our personalities seem to go well together. I am a queer ally. I have a university education in sociology and philosophy, which has nothing to do with my job but lots to do with my outlook on things.

You can call me [deleted] or email me at [deleted]. The best move in day would be July 1st, but if you wanted to move in early please let me know.

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