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This is a REAL quest for love from a Cherokee boy that lives in the central Oklahoma metro area. I am going to say whatever I want to say, not only in this letter, but during the relationship as well. I am doing this because love is accepting EVERYTHING about the person. There may be times of disagreement in love, but its love, real true love, then the disagreement will never outweigh or change the fact that u still love that person with all your heart mind and soul. Although I’m extremely handsome and attractive, I am purposely not including a picture in my post, because I want you to read all of it and respond to me because you accept my personality. Not my fantastic physical features. Real love is all about loving that persons personality. I have a ton of photos that I can send, soon after I get an email stating that you’re interested in me and that you accept my personality. If I even get 1 legit response to my post, I will respond with the intent of loving you forever and ever. Don’t step to me if you’re not ready for the same. If you have any questions, then you’re welcome to respond as well with your queries, but if u disagree with me and don’t think you can handle me, then please don’t even reply. The following letter contains info about me, followed by 2 categories. What my necessities are in a girl, and what would be beneficial in a girl. Please continue reading only if you’re wanting to experience real Cherokee love with the best lover in the world.

Let me begin by saying that I am very, very, very, serious about love. I am the best lover in the world. Ill put myself up against anybody. Nobody is as good as me on a passionate level. I am the cockiest person you will ever meet, and I deserve the right to be cocky because I am the best. Everyone is NOT equal. If everyone was equal, then why fall for anyone who wants to love you? Im far far above everyones level of love. My love skills are proof of that. I was raised to believe I am better than everyone else, but that’s not the reason why I know its true. I know its true because it has been proven to me time after time that nobody can handle me on a passionate or emotional level. I am the best. Period. If u cant handle my cockiness or u arent ready to experience love with the best lover in the world, then please discontinue reading immediately. I already know for a fact that nobody is worthy of my love, but if I didn’t atleast attempt to allow someone to love me, then I would be doing a disservice to myself as an American Indian.

Although nobody is worthy of my love and its automatically unfair to me on a moral level to downgrade myself and attempt to give my love to anyone due to me being above everyones level; it would also be a waste of your time when u realize that your just not good enough for me and you cant handle me. each and every girl has left me and has openly admitted that I am the best and they just arent good enough for me. they have all left me because they loved me so much and fell for me so hard, that they would rather lose me than continue living under the fact that they arent good enough for me and that I deserve somebody better. My response to them doing this is…”its ok honey, nobody is good enough for me or worth of me, so we might as well stay together because its not like anyone else is going to be able to handle me anyways” and they still leave me due to the proven fact that im just too darn good of a lover.

So yes, I already realize that nobody is worthy of my love and its downgrading me just to ever attempt to love somebody because nobody is worthy of it, but like I said, theres still the tiniest bit of curiosity left in my mind about whether someone would ever live, love, and support me to the degree that my parents have done to me. I don’t need anyone. I will sit in my backyard and stare and the sky every night and be entire content. I never get lonely because the Cherokee Spirit is always with me. This attempt at love is not to solve loneliness, because as I just said, I never get lonely due to my Native spirituality. This is nothing more than a mere attempt to solve my curiosity about the potential of someone out there accepting me for all of my disabilities and opposing Indigenous beliefs. You must accept how good I am. you must always feel that you are the lucky one to have me. you have to feel sorry for me because of the way I have been treated due to my ethnicity and opposing beliefs, but at the same time you must also continuously worship me and realize how great of lover I am and how lucky you are to have me. I feel sorry for every girl in the world, because there are so many girls in the world, that only a small percentage of girls on earth with be able to experience love with me, the best lover in the world. But as already stated, if none of them can handle or are worthy of me anyways, then whats the point of allowing any of them the privaledge of loving me. love is really a negative equation for me any way you look at it; and that’s why I strongly suggest that everyone fall in love with a sport or some type of inanimate object that you can control. Love is dealing with another persons mind, and therefore you don’t have any control. I am all about control, and I WILL control you if you are with me. I have to be in control. If I ever see or hear u doing anything that I disagree with, or would jeopardize your health, then I am going to give you a piece of my mind because its my responsibility as your lover to care for your well being. I WILL be a daddy to you because you are my baby. Just call me daddy.

I have no family. ALL of my family is dead. All I have is my biological mother and father. Sometimes I tell myself that I should wait until my parents are both dead until I search for love, because any love at this point in time is reducing the amount of time that I have left with my parents. I believe the Spirit will provide me with a lover only if he wants me to have one, and at the correct time that he wants me to have one. I will probably be more eager in my quest for love when both of parents are dead, because I will then have nobody except the Cherokee Spirit to love me; although nobody will ever take my parents place. Before I state my wants and needs in a girls, I suppose I still need to expose my financial, occupational, and psychological status.

Once again, real love is all about acceptance. Accepting that person for their abilities and disabilities, no matter how severe. I have a severe social, occupational, financial, ethnic, political, psychological disability. My disability is caused from 2 things that I have absolutely no control over. The 1st reason is that I’m a Native ethnic minority living among white society. The 2nd reasoning is that I’m more talented than everyone else. People don’t like it when you’re better than them, therefore they hate on me. everyone is jealous of me because I am athletically and ethnically superior to them. so I have developed a ton of haters all around the united states, and also globally, that are jealous of the fact that I am athletically, passionately, and ethnically superior to them. these haters are not only a problem for me in daily life, but also in the workforce. I do NOT work. I will never work or be able to keep a job. But the government does pay me a grant in the mail due to my haters constantly hating on me and preventing me from getting and keeping a job. So, I am not poor because I live off the white government (the same people that have hated on me to begin with) and you won’t have to spend every penny you have just because I cant make it on my own. I can make it on my own. But I will NOT support you financially. U hold your own and I hold my own. you will always pay for your half, and you’re welcome to pay for my half if you wish, but I will NEVER pay for your half. Never. you should enjoy being in my presence, and enjoy the time and activities that we do together, not the fact that I payed for what we were doing. This is why I will NEVER pay for your half. I will pay for myself and myself only, because the way I see it is, if you were by yourself, then u would have to pay for yourself anyways, and if u gave a damn about me or enjoyed being with me, then you will still pay for yourself similar to how you would If you were alone, only it’s being in my presence is as improvision to being alone if you REALLY loved me and cared about me. so, either you can pay for yourself and be alone, or you can pay for yourself while in my presence while we’re loving each other. Either way, u pay for yourself. Your either alone, or your with the best lover in the whole wide world while your paying for yourself.

I will end my posting with telling u my rules for what u must be, in order of importance.

1. You must have a strong hatred for children. U must not be a parent, expecting, or had any previous pregnancies. U also must never want kids. Ever.
2. You must NOT be white or asian. Any other race is fine. My race is Cherokee.
3. You must NOT be obese. U don’t have to be skinny, but if u disrespect your body, that means you’re going to disrespect me as well.
4. You must be between the ages of 18 and 40.
5. You must be completely realize that your dealing with the best lover in the world, and you must love me and respect me until the day that u, or I, die. Till death do us part.

Thank you for reading my post, and thank you for being either the love of my life, or just another person who has discriminated against me for being a better ethnic lover and having opposing passionate desires.

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