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To The Girl in the Shel Dental of Norwalk Advertisement,

I love you. I first laid my eyes upon you in the Dec-Jan issue of "Clipper Magazine". As I was thumbing through I stumbled across page 26 where your eyes met mine, I looked away quickly but I know you saw me stare...I saw you, too. I tried to be casual, flipping through the rest of the magazine with my thumb still marking down page 26, but couldn't stop thinking about you, my precious Shel Dental Advertisement Girl.

After reaching page 10 or so I turned back to sneak a quick peak but alas, you caught me! I again looked away in embarrassment, closing the magazine and quickly putting it to the side. I am now here, trying to get my work done yet I can't help but spend every single second of my time thinking about you, oh beautiful Shel Dental Advertisement Girl.

So here I am - thinknig about you, lines of poetry flowwing through my head and urges of lust permiating from my genitals. I want you, I love you - you are my everything and my only thing. Oh my soft, passionate, sensual Shel Dental Advertisement Girl - how I love thee.

Please Shel Dental Advertisement Girl, please...if you read this get in contact with me. I have the desires of a thousand men burning deep inside of me and you are the sole fuel for the fire. I know the feeling is mutual, Shel Dental Advertisement Girl - I see it in your eyes. I love you and I want to be with you...forever.


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