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this posting is to the thugs that insist on breaking into my shitty 1991 toyota camery. why do you do it? my car offers nothing of value to you or your friends. you have successfully broken both my trunk and diver's side door locks. i am down to only one lock on the passenger's side. i now have to walk around the damned car to the passenger side to unlock my door.

there is nothing in view that would make even an inept crook want to break into my car. however, you still steal whatever you can carry.

these are the following items you have taken from my trunk:
pink nike prestos
my stinky gym clothes-enjoy
my stinky gym shoes
my chinese purse (i really liked this, what are you going to do with it?)
my wheely backpack-for you to stick all your stolen goods in?
a gallon of water-to hydrate you along the way...
my scarf and hat-it's really cold, you heartless bastard!!
my red boots- are you a woman or a cross-dresser?
what you didn't steal:
my curling iron-thank you, at least my hair still looks good
some of my law books-you left my crimminal law book, of course

i am a very poor lawschool student and middle-school teacher, how can you do this to me??? why do you pick on me but leave the new mini-cooper intact?

if you did this, shame on you. (p.s. if you DID do this, then you have the ability to read this, because you also STOLE my laptop back in november)

i am an angry catholic girl who believes in God's revenge- watch out for mack trucks...

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