Originally Posted: 2005-08-04 12:32 (no longer live)

To the sleeping NAKED GIRL in the apartment across the street

Dear beautiful naked girl -

Yes, I know it is HOT now in New York and steamy, too and your landlord probably sucks so your air conditioning doesn't work and it is hot in your studio apartment and you want to do everything you can to keep cool so you turn on that little fan by the window and try to get some fitful sleep and to keep extra cool you strip off that little white t-shirt and those loose shorts you wear and lie down gloriously naked on your cool bed which is near the window and even though you have the shade dowm some there is that 2 foot gap at the bottom that helps bring air into your apartment but also gives a glorious view to anyone who happens to live across the street from you.

I thought you'd want to know: There are other people in this town.

Some of us are male. Some of us notice beautiful girls lying.. well, gloriously naked on their beds and can't help but.. well, notice!

So here is my request. If you are going to lie naked on your bed near your window to beat the heat and are going to occasionally stroke yourself JUST A LITTLE BIT which is just enough to make us wonder exactly what you are planning on doing then please do us a favor and either finish the job with your fingers or get yourself one of those rabbit things or SOMETHING so that those of us (males that live across the street from you) can GET SOME SLEEP and don't keep wondering what you are doing all evening and night 'cause you fell asleep with your light on which just means you are naked and in view all night and some of us work during the day and need to get some sleep so we can do some work and get paid so we can afford to stay in this town and live in the apartment that is across the street from you... please.. ok...

..nap time now...

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