Originally Posted: 2007-12-26 09:41

No, really - someone come get this horrible Chili Beer

I bought this awful shit for my girlfriend a few weeks ago and it was simply too much for her. Even my brother, who likes to think he's the world's biggest badass when it comes to spicy food and drink, couldn't handle it. I won't drink it because not only do I not care for excessively hot food or drink, but the beer itself also isn't very good - imagine a bottle of piss-water Corona injected with a fiery squirt of Satanic jizz instead of lime and you've got Cave Creek Chili Beer.

Think you're the king shit of Scoville units? Come on down and get this swill out of my fridge. I think I have three or four left (pic below isn't mine). My $8 waste is your smoking-hot gain. 21+ only please, not that it matters since most girly Smirnoff Ice-drinking teenagers would cry after one sip of this.

Last time I posted this, I got lots of replies but nobody ever showed up. Not screwing around here - please come take it. I'd pour it down the drain but it'll probably chew holes in the pipes and I can't afford that.

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