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my little nazi dolls (pics)

my hobby is collecting nazi dolls.
they are actually called 'action figures.'
right now, i have around 65 of them, plus three big vehicles, two motorcycles and a pair of bicycles.

this is the SS Scharfuhrer (that's the equivalent rank of staff sergeant).
i bought those little playing cards seperate.
i purchase a lot of little items for these guys -- cigarettes, plastic food, little chairs and tables, etc.

each guy costs around $40. the vehicles cost more. i will spend up to $100 on a good vehicle.

here's the scharfuhrer lighting a cigarette.
i bought the lighter and his eyeglasses seperate.

here are some high-ranking officers travelling by 'kubelwagen.'
the kubelwagen was the german equivalent of the US Jeep.

here's Marius the SS officer and Fritz the panzer cadet.
they are gay.
a lot of people in the 'action figure community' are mean to me because some of my dolls are gay.
i have around 65 action figures, but only 5 or 6 are gay.
but meanwhile, the people in this hobby act like all my guys are gay.
they are mean to me.