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favorite this post I have a place in OHio for a young guy wanting a mentor.

I am in OHIo but lookign for someone in NY or the NY area to come and move with me. I am seeking a young guy who is a virgin to come and share my home there with me as a housemate. The house mate must help me clean it up, there was a flood, and fix it up and rent would be about $50 a week. or $200 a month. I drive. I can help you find a Job. We would not be lovers but good close firneds and if you can not be a good close freind to me then do not respond. I will treat you very kindly and I am seeking some oen who woul ddo the same to me. I am over 40 and I am a virgin. I want to find a young guy 18 -19 - 20 who wants help putting his life in order. I am good at helping persons do that. You must be looking for an older man who will make you do things that are good for your future. I do not drink, smoke or use drugs or pot.

I am looking for some one with no interest in any of these things.

I am looking for someone who maybe has lost their father or parents and is on their own in the world. I would like to be a friend and leader to you and help you make sense out of life. I am not homophobic however I encourage and promote persons to follow a heterosexual lifestyle. If you are gay I will accept you. If you are straight I will accept you but you must not be Homophobic. I am a virgin and I have no sexual interests but would be very happy to find someone who is looking to put their life in order not someone who will drag men or ladies home for sex. We can be freinds housemates and I can show you how to take care of your occaisional urges along that line. If you are not looking to be paid attention to and made to feel important do not reply. If you would enjoy being told you are important and special and treated kindly by a gentle person then respond to me. If you are in NY or near there and need a ride I can drive you to Ohio your new home if you pay the gas or split it with me. (you should have the money for bus fare back to NY. If you try it here and do not like it or I will drive you back for $68. I am a nice guy. If you be kind to me you will find a great friend and If I find a great friend in you that would be good for me also. I am kind of lonley and hoping to find the person who can benefit form me and whom I can benefit from also. If you live in PA or OH or anywhere and see this and you feel it may be for you please respond.

I am old compared to you and probably ugly at first site but if you would invite me over we could be freinds and you will enjoy the time you spend with me. I am mild mannered and am not interested in anything to exotic. Becasue I am a virgin and have never gotten to do it, I really need to have some close contact with another person preferably a guy who is a virgin like me and wants just to have a friend and do some mutual kind gentle massaging in our zones. I am only here until Tuesday. WHen I am here, in NY, I am homeless and in need of a friend and some one to do it with. I have a place in OHio near Pittsburg, PA.

this is in or around Anywhere in NY

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