Originally Posted: 2004-09-14 3:09pm

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I will be sitting in McCarren Park on a blanket in the grass this afternoon--come join me!!! I will be sitting Indian style on one side of the blanket and leaning slightly forward with with my head cocked slightly to the right, my eyes closed, and my mouth open like a fish's with my tongue making slow licking motions in the air. My arms may or may not appear to be clutching/groping someone who isn't there...
If you are a female over 18 and below, let's say 30, of average weight or below, and who would in all likelihood score a hotornot ranking of at least, errr... 6, then feel free to sit down opposite me and assume the same pose, facing me, so that our lips are in full contact. Please have brushed your teeth recently (please have teeth).
If a line forms, just be patient, and I ask only that each girl take turns of 5 minutes at a time. This is flexible. Actually, I encourage you to resist the impulse to form a line, instead form a tight circle. Do not be afraid to kiss the girl next to you in line, or to apply your tongue to any exposed flesh of mine (I will be wearing pants/shirt/shoes--we're gonna keep this clean--sorry to all you dirty-birds). Lick away! I am hygenic and I ask that you be the same.
This will begin around 4:30 and end whenever the crowd subsides. I look forward to meeting and making out with you all!

this is in or around Williamsburg

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