Originally Posted: 2004-05-06 5:36pm

favorite this post Lost bag full of stuff on way to porn shoot 6 train

Well heres the deal, I Direct Amateur adult films. I had two bags with me on the 6 train this afternoon around 3:00 pm or so. The bag I lost is a medium sized army green duffel bag, contents included several tapes, my sony digital video camera in a case, about a dozen brand new dildos, several dozen condoms, 3 bottles of lube, and some other junk. If you have found this help yourself to almost anything you want, although I am praying for the safe return of my missing tapes and would like my video camera back, I am offering a no questions asked generous cash reward. I really never expect to see this stuff again, but I promise I will hook you up with what I can, I was a douche bag this afternoon, I could have been filming right now.

**BTW on a separate note looking for hot redheads or any types of lesbians/bisexuals into crazy kinds of shit that want to be in an upcoming amateur Porn flick, lets see what we can do. Please be 18+**



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