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1. "I am a married person looking for another married person to share unusual times with"...

Maybe the person you should be looking for is your spouse. Note: they are also married, but if you're posting and married, I'm sure that "unusual moments" are not so unusual for them.

Where your post truly belongs:
In a stack of papers held by your spouse's divorce attorney.

2. M4W Massages by a "Gay" Guy.

Anyone who knows gay men would know that a) gay men would rather massage a man than a woman anyday of the week and b) they would never feel the need to specify to women that they were gay.

Where your post truly belongs:
Erotic services, sweetie.

3. Seeking an extradinary man...

The minute you specify single, it's obvious you're looking for someone you could hook up with, if he were your type and met your list of requirements, without having to fully immerse yourself in the process of dating. No extradinary man would ever date someone so lacking in finese or courage.

Where your post really belongs:
In a Harlequin Fantasy Romance with that list of trait and characteristic requirements. Danielle Steele might even have problems conjuring up such a man for one of her novels. But, if you are the optimistic sort, pitch it the folks in Misc. Romance.

4. "Need a cool female to show me NYC, and umm, yeah be sure to send me your rates"...

First off there is nothing "reasonable" about fees when it comes to prostitution. It's a 100% markup industry. It's a paradox of economical theory. Supply is always constant, and yet, so is demand. But it's nice that some jaded hookers could have had a nice laugh at your post...


4. Looking for employment references.

Sure, I don't know you, but I'd be happy to tell some employer all about what I do know.

Your Possible Future Boss: So, tell me all about Mr./Mrs. So and So.

Me: Well, I do know he is computer literate, but I don't know how smart he is, really. While his post was platonic, he does seem to think strangers giving personal references about people they don't know would fool most potential employers.

Future Boss: So you don't know Mr./Mrs. So and So personally?

Me: No. I don't think he understand the meaning of a "personal reference" actually.

Where your post truly belongs:
As a late night plea to friends that live far away because we all know that employers do happen to take references from out-of-state. Especially if you just happened to "move". Idiot.

6. "Would like to meet up in hopes of good times".

I'm so certain you don't mean that tacky 70's show, now, do you? Let's exchange the word "meet" for the word "hook" and then re-read:

"Would like to hook up in hopes of good times".

There, now at least it's honest...

Where your post truly belongs:
Under no strings attached, although if Craig made a "batteries not included" section, you'd fit right in there too.

And last but not least:

7. "Would like to meet a girl for hookups in the afternoon".

Wow, you didn't even try to lie. You must have been a boy scout. Aside from your obvious inability to define and comprehend the word "platonic", such blatant honesty should mean something in New York. But still, for being such a uncouth pig, your post really belongs crammed up your ass. Who knows, you might like it.

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