Originally Posted: 2003-07-01 8:07am
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You don't get any evenings of hot passion, you just get $40.
I'm the one who gets the evenings of hot passion.

Let me explain.

Oddly enough, I have found that my significant other really gets excited after beating the crap out of me while playing Tekken 3. She loves it! Every punch that I take on the screen equates to . . . well, uh, energy is kind of stored away for later in the evening. Don't think I just stand there like a virtual dope and take a barrage of blows. I do try to fight, but she's really good at it, especially the break dancing kicking guy.

Anyway, if you have an old PS1 system, Tekken 3, and two controllers, you can sell it with the knowledge that someone out there is REALLY enjoying your system.


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