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What is going on? Did someone hand out laptops and wifi to a short-bus full of 'entrepeneurs'?

These are the kinds of postings populating CL...

"Want site done just like Lavalife. Limited Budget"... sure.. no mind that it's taken years to make that a multi-million dollar site... I'll build one just like it for you on the weekend... for a few hundred bucks!

"Design my portfolio".."For your portfolio"... hmmmn? Design you a portfolio.. to build my portfolio... Genius.. why didn't I think of that sooner. Why bother designing for money when I can fill my 'portfolio' with someone elses never visited, weak-ass content.

"Designer needed. Low budget. Must be reliable, fast and professional." Thanks... for all the project details I mean... It's always good to know the parameters when starting such a dynamic and life-altering project.. and to have bullshit standards imposed by some idiot with no idea what he's talking about.

"Photoshop Guru... or any post with the word Guru in the title"... you want a guru, go shove a holistic herb up your 5th dimension ass cause your in dreamland if you think a frickin' 'GURU' is going to accept any project for less than $75/hour and at a minimum of 5 billable hours..paid upfront.

"Need Help... must have site completed by tomorrow morning!".. well holy shit.. did you ever fuck this up... and if you want one of us to parachute in and save your dumb-ass.. all while working on the stinking pile of visual polution you cheaped out on in the first place... you better have that finger on the Paypal button... and be prepared to shut up and stay up late with us. --Fuckup.

The holy grail of CL creative posts......

"Can't afford to pay much but if this goes well.. will have projects for you in the future".. oh really.. wow... when.. let me get my 2006 scheduler... I can't wait...a whole nother project with a budget of shit.. and I get to wait a whole 4 months for it.. let me clear everything I had planned in my life next year to be sure I can accommodate you.. you fucking jack-ass.

PAY....PAY PAY PAY you cheap fucking degenerates. This is not a fucking charity site. You want a business... be a professional. You want something for free... ask your fucking parents... you want miracles done for no money.. go to church.

Enough already you pathetic dip-shits....

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