Originally Posted: 2003-04-07 11:25am

favorite this post Re: Moving to NYC. . . Don't do it.

Don't move here. It's not worth it. The rent is high, people are mean, it smells like fish and patchouli, jobs are scarce, decent paying jobs are practically non-existent, we're the #1 terrorist target, National Guardsmen are walking around with automatic weaponry, our mayor is annoying, drinks are expensive, the bar scene is tired and played out, Broadway shows are unaffordable, museums are full of hyperactive pre-teens from PS whatever and the underpaid teachers can't control them, people run into you while you're walking down the street, subway fares are up, no one apologizes or seems to think that courtesy is a virtue, plane fares are sky-high (pun intended), cockroaches thrive, you can't cross the street when it rains without dunking your self to your knee in the invisible puddles, crazy people bother you, teenagers try to sell you a bag of M&Ms for $3 claiming it's for the Boys and Girls Club, ethics are a thing of the past, the most popular tourist attraction is the WWE store in Times Square, the terror alert is orange, I just saw a woman smack her child and call him a fag on the train this morning, I was almost beaten to a pulp by three big Guido type guys when I tried to stop them from hitting an old man when the old man accidentally started to get in "their" cab, the Mets are going to lose this year, the Yankees are whiny cry-babies, the Rangers just can't seem to hold it together, maniac drivers keep running over people in crosswalks, the Post and the Daily News compete for the most sensationalist headline every day while completely disregarding the truth behind the statement and creating panic and severely misinformed opinions all over the city, you can't get into good restaurants because Regis took the last table, when you do get into a good restaurant you discover that you can't afford anything to drink because the entree price is over $50 and you can't pronounce the dish anyway so who cares, you should just go to Olive Garden because the actor/not from New York waiters are the only waiters in NYC that are actually nice to you, it's snowing in the middle of April, and MOST OF ALL BECAUSE

Everyone just complains about everything.

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