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To the man who kicked in my door and broke into my house! - w4m

Hey there!

You came and went so quickly, I didn't get a chance to really get to know you! It was probably the alarm, right? Gosh, that thing is so loud! I'm sure it caught you a little off guard. Sorry about that! Hardly leaves much time for romance, I know. You must be so strong to able to jump over my 8 foot privacy fence and then kick in my door. How wonderful! I love strong men!

It's too bad my two really protective large dogs were crated that night. I know they would have loved to have greeted you. I've left them out every night since, just in case you decide to come back and say hi.

I've also installed cameras at each door because I didn't get a chance to see your beautiful face! I lay awake at night wondering what you look like. I bet you're so handsome! I don't know why you would cover that face up with that hoodie of yours! So, next time, maybe I'll be lucky enough to get a pic of you. Then, I can save it on my phone or as my desktop background at work. You sexy little devil, you!

I feel like we have this connection that I haven't had with anyone else in a while.

Speaking of connection, how is my TV doing? Probably not too great, huh? Yeah, leaving that power cord behind was probably not the greatest idea. Tell you what, just let me know when you want to come back and you can pick up the cord. Make sure you let me know though because I've been taking these target classes at Nashville Armory (I'm getting really good, by the way!) so I might be there instead of at home, and then we're just right back to where we started! Just give me an ETA, I'll make some guacamole, have some beer ready; you just bring your darling self. I'll even have some of my closest friends in Metro PD stop by. I've told them so much about you; I know they'd love to meet you!
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