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I've been looking for a couch on here for the past few weeks, and let me tell you what I've learned so far:

1) It does NOT matter what you paid for it!!! First off, odds are, no one believes you anyways. Secondly, there's an EXCELLENT chance that what you paid for your furniture is just going to make me laugh because it is out of this world expensive for a couch you couldn't pay me to put in my living room.

2) Don't bother telling us that you think it's a gorgeous couch. If you didn’t think it was a gorgeous couch, you probably wouldn’t have bought it, and I really don't care how YOU think it looks, I care how I care it looks.

3) POST A PICTURE. See number 2. Giving a detailed description of colours, strip patterns, down to the mm measurements, and the dimensions of the butt indentation you've been working on for the last 3 and a half years does not compensate for a (well-lit) picture. If you don't have a digital camera, borrow one from someone you know. And trust me, you know someone who has a camera and can help you. Once you get the camera, post multiple angles of the couch. here's an idea, CL lets you post 4 pictures. there are 4 sides to most couches. Unless there is damage, pictures of the back usually aren’t necessary so post different angles of the important parts.

4) In your post, give me some idea of the couch's condition. If it's damaged, let me know. If you don't, I get pissed off when I drive out to wherever you are to take a closer look at the "like-new" couch you have for sale, only to discover that the cat you own has claws the size of a grizzly and has whittled the side of the couch not visible in the picture you posted down to a duct-tape covered toothpick. Even better, post a picture of any wear and tear.

5) Look at the Craigslist classified section before posting your add!!! There are over 100 posts a day for furniture, usually over 200 for weekend days. With that many options available, the basic laws of supply and demand dictate that your couch (remembering point number 1) is not worth as much as you think it is. Sorry. Remember the basic rule of garage sales: The idea is to make space, not money.

6) If you are not able to sell your couch, do not bother posting it again and again several times a day in the hopes that your $800, 30 year old fake pleather ugly monstrosity will eventually be EXACTLY what someone is looking for, it's not.

6)b) do NOT, under any circumstances, repost your add with an INCREASED price. If someone is searching CL for a couch, they're not taking the first one they see unless they are luckier than me and found what they were after on the first shot. That being said, I've seen your add everyday, your asking price was high to begin with, raising it doesn’t make your couch more appealing. If you can't sell your couch, try lowering your asking price.

Whew… glad that’s off my chest.

NOW, who wants to buy my couch? It’s a GROGEOUS sectional purchased 27 years ago and has been well used by my parents and their 2 boys who used to make forts out of it and jump up and down on it while watching cartoons. I don’t have a camera right now but I can assure you that you will LOVE the 70’s style brown fabric, with circulation facilitators, (tears) where people sit the most. It’s so gorgeous that you won’t even notice that I once put my foot through the corner piece while chasing my dog around the room. It has been used by non-smoking, non-pet owners for the past 39 days making it ideal for anyone.

My parents paid $7,000 for this couch 27 years ago. With inflation, that’s got to be about $20,000 today. Remembering that, I’m willing to part with what has become my sex couch for the bargain basement price of $2,000, a full 90% off the purchase price when you consider inflation!!!!!!!! I am of course a very understanding seller. There are 4 sections to the couch and I will let you pick them up 1 at a time as long as you pay for them all up front and leave me with an extra $250 for the trouble.

Thanks for reading my add, I look forward to the bidding war that is now inevitable I’m sure. If I don’t get my asking price, I’ll target the richer people looking for second hand sectionals on CL and will repost for $4,000 tomorrow.

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