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**EDIT: Bulbs have been picked up. I know that CFL's contain mercury, and need to be disposed of properly. Yes, incandescent bulbs might help warm your home by like 0.001% in the winter, that's a great side effect. Yes, I know the new LEDs are way better. I have a few even. Which made the extra old bulbs I had even MORE superfluous. Enjoy them, guy who picked them up!**

Sick of Uncle Sam telling you how you can light your premises? Do you HATE saving money, and prefer inefficiency in your illumination? Are you fairly certain that inside the housing of all compact fluorescent bulbs is an array of NSA surveillance technology (including Google's new WatchYouPeeâ„¢ chip)?? I have just the sack for you!

I hate throwing stuff away and have thus accrued a grocery bag full of mostly good (maybe a blown bulb or two in there) incandescent bulbs, mostly standard size, in the 60-100w range, as well as some nightlight/candelabra type bulbs as well. I, myself, have sipped from the CFL Kool-Aid and have no problem with the latest generation of CFL bulbs, but I know that many of you can't stand them, so if you want this collection of 1800's tech, drop me a line. I can meet you in and around South Portland, even.
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