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Free Tractor Tire! Yeah, a TRACTOR TIRE!

At some point, my roommate found a tractor tire and it followed him home. Well, maybe he rolled it home from a few blocks away.

So, what we have here is a big ol' tractor tire. It stands about 5ft tall. It has holes drilled in the sidewalls so it won't collect water and become a mosquito breeding area.

Things you can do with this tire include:
-Make a sandbox (the kids will love it as much as the neighborhood cats)
-Build a ramp in your back yard. Then have someone climb inside the tire and roll it down said ramp. (yes, this has been done. I got a concussion. I do not recommend trying this unless you like a pounding head)
-Have on friend get inside the tire, have them hold on tight, and then have a second friend get in. Two average adults can fit inside it (while a couple more idiots hold it stable). Then have your idiot friends roll the tire until it hits something (again, you may become concussed), or until they stop the rolling pain machine. (I will not explain any more experience in this area)
-You could even fill this agricultural masterpiece with dirt and make it a small garden/planter type contraption. (Sounds pretty, doesn't it?)
-Finally, you can drive an old Jeep over it while whipping shitties in your back yard with two flat tires. (Yes, this was also done. Alcohol may need to be involved to accomplish this option)

I really do have to recommend the sandbox as the best option, but that is up to your own discression. I take no liability in any way for injury, damage, expense, divorce, nights on the couch, etc, that this tire may cause. It has been a blast having it around, but the time has come to part ways with this beast.

It is FREE. I will help you get it in the back of a truck or on a trailer. I will not deliver it. I will not help you tie it to the roof of your car, unless you absolutely want me to. Keep in mind, I'm ok with breaking things if I won't get beaten or taken to small claims court. This tire is big, heavy, and fun as hell. Please email if you have any interest in acquiring this beauty.

The picture is recent. I'm not trying to pass off someone else's tire as my own, nor trying to hide that the tire has put on weight, or been deformed in an accident since taking the picture in a desperate attempt to unload her on an unsuspecting person in search of tire. I'm just not that type of guy. The picture was taken within minutes of creating this ad.

Thanks for looking, and if my tire doesn't work out for you, I hope you find the tire of your dreams. Isn't that what we all deserve anyway?

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