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Update to Free Sod

So here I sit no more than 5 hours after posting about having some free sod available and I thought I would repost with some of the interesting topics from the 30 plus emails which I have received.
1. I have no idea how many rolls of sod will fit in the back, front or on top of a Saab Hatchback, Saturn Coupe, or 2005 BMW. However, seeing sod loaded into a beamer intrigues me so please show up.
2. I am sorry, but the point of my listing this as a free item was to get rid of it, therefore I am unable to hold 3-5 rolls and keep them properly stored for you for "no more than two weeks" in case you need them. I thought offering to help you load the FREE SOD was pretty nice, but that is all the further I am willing to go.
3. When I made the joke about selling grass, that apparently wasn't clear to many people. Just so we are on the same page I am offering the type of grass which I would assume would either give you a headache from smoking, kill you from the chemicals it has been treated with, or most likely do nothing at all. Some people really didn't seem to be all that clear as to whether or not the item offered was illegal. I assure you it is completely legal to grow, possess, and sell (which I assume includes getting it for free)
4. I was astounded at the number of women who are in the market for free sod. As a quasi single man (don't ask) this really got my mind going and I am now considering ripping up my entire lawn and starting some sort of yardcare dating service. Something about a woman who not only wants her yard to look nice but also wants it for free is a bit of a` turn on (this is the only sarcasm free line in this post).

Well, thats all. As for now all the sod is still here. Several people have offered to come and get it but no one has shown up yet. I am sorry i haven't replied to the last dozen people who inquired but I felt that those who replied first should get first dibs.
And a big thanks to Tanya for emailing me to say that my first post made her day!!!

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