Originally Posted: 2007-04-14 9:48pm
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After an 11-hour shift at work today, i just want to go home and relax. My cats wait for me by the door and yell for food. I crack open a can of 9Lives and split it 50/50 in bowls for them.

Cat #1 is a hog and finishes his half first.

*one minute passes*

Like a nuclear reactor meltdown, cat #1 pukes all of his half back into his bowl, licks his chops and saunters away. Mission accomplished, everything is fine.

*one more minute passes*

Cat #2 finishes his half, repositions himself in front of Cat #1's bowl, and eats all of Cat #1's regurgitation as well. Chops are licked.

*one more minute passes*

Cat #2 volcanoes half of his stomach back into the same bowl.
Cat #1, probably wondering now why he is still hungry, goes and eats Cat #2's fresh spew (which contained Cat #1's original blowout).

It is somewhat surreal, as there is no left over cat puke, and the cats act as if nothing happened. In one way or another, dinner has been served.

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