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Calling all BBWs and SSBBWs! Help make a dream come true! This is America, god damn it, and I'm an American, and there is no reason in the world why my freakiest fantasy can't be fulfilled. I recently sold my pool table in my rec room to make space for Operation Heavenly Hogpile. I covered the floor with 6 layers of foam padding, and 1/4" rubber shower liner on top. I've got 3 cases of baby oil, half a dozen strap-ons and several days' worth of classic bluegrass music piped through a kick-ass sound system. I've even prearranged to have Dominoes deliver buffalo wings, pizza, and cheesy bread every hour all weekend. All I need is 8-12 big (BIG!) lovely ladies to join the fun. Get naked, get oiled up, consume what you want, wrestle around, make a great big tangle of jiggly womanhood. I want to roll around on a cellulite sea and stick it in every hole, crevice and fold you've got. Applicants must be prepared to remove every hair on their bodies, including head hair. Eyebrows are ok, but not a single follicle anywhere else.

If you're not heavy enough to get fucked in a fold of elbow fat, don't bother responding. If you're over 18, have a minimum BMI of 35, and are ready for the best fucking time of your life, send me a photo.

Google 'calculate BMI' to find out yours if you don't know it.

God bless.

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