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Vespa keys for Grainbelt

So here is the deal. I am willing to buy you a case of Premium Grainbelt if you find the keys to my Vespa. The Vespa is still in my driveway so I am fairly sure no one stole the keys, but I have looked everywhere! I looked in the garage, the driveway, yard, both cars and the entire house! Now I reach out to you craigslist community.

I would like to assemble a crack team of key searchers. We will start with my house and branch out all over the city looking for keys to my beloved scooter. We will look high, we will look low, we will even look over there, yep that corner over there. Who knows, maybe you stepped on them and accidently transported them across the city! I only lost them on Saturday so hopefully they haven't traveled too far.

If you maliciously took my keys I will accept that. The scooter is spectacular after all. I will forgive you and give you the reward of a case of Minnesota made delicious beverage. How could you refuse!? Maybe we could even become friends. Who knows in this crazy world!

There are some rules to this offer. 1. If you are under 21 I may exercise my right of refusal to serve alcohol. I may substitute it with a different beverage or multiple items from a fast food dollar menu. 2. If you show up to look for the keys in a Vespa, you get instant cool points and a free "sampler" beverage while searching to help in the process. Yes this is a rule. 3. All are welcome, but please have good eye sight and the ability to lift at least 1 lbs. 4. Have fun. 5. Did you actually read this line as well? 6. subject to change based on availability.

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